Basic bio:

Flare final design 2

Name: Flare

Age: 19

Species: Wolf

Gender: Female

Height: 5,8''

Weight: 87kg

Fur: Gray, white

Birthday: Feb 19, 3218

Birthplace: Cordona, Snowhaven

Job: G.D.F (galactic defense force) agent

Rank: commander 2nd class

Team: Delta

Callsighn: melee master

Y.O.T: 10 yrs


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Likes: Flash, a good fight, Food, Her job, Her friends, Her team, Defending the galaxy, winning, a good challenge, Flying

Dislikes: Loosing in combat, Being beaten, Anything that threatens the galaxy, Being outclassed, failing a mission

Skills and abilities:

Though she may not look that powerful but she has incredible athletic abilities. She can jump over 12 feet high. She is also a powerhouse who can carry heavy objects and crush enormous fortresses with her superhuman strength and durability.

If she needs to keep up & travel with Flash, Flare dawns her bionic battle suit which has built in rocket powered flight. Her battle suit also increases her combat skill and fighting ability. The battle suit also has a built in scanner system which includes infared, nightvision, and thermal scanners. it also has many built in weapons.

As she has 10 years of military experience, Flare can pilot most space, air and, ground vehicles. Flare is also a master marksman and hardly ever misses a shot.

Flare is also a highly skilled combatant and, a master of hand to hand combat. She has many custom attacks and fighting styles.

Weapons and tools:

Flare's battle suit

When outside her battle suit Flare carries a custom dual fazed plasma rifle, and multiple types of grenades, including sticky, thermal and, electric type grenades.

When inside her battle suit Flare uses it's hyperadvanced weaponry, and tools. These weapons and tools include sholder rockets, gauntlet rockets, palm plasma cannons, dual machine guns, gauntlet blades, chain claw, sniper rifle, flamethrower, and finally a sword.


Outside her battle suit Flare uses her plasma rifle, grenades, and fighting skills to defend herself.

When in her battle suit Flare is very well protected as it is mane out of eternal titanium, and can absorb most attacks.