Basic game info:

Game type: 3D, 3RD person shooter

Platform(s): PC

Engine: F&F Engine 4.0

Release date: TBD


The game begins with Flash and his team on their Colarium defense force ship, suddenly they get a transmission from planet Dred, saying that the planet is under attack by a bunch of heavily armed robots and needs help. Flash and his team then travel to planet Dred. Once they land on planet Dred they start helping out by destroying every last robot. They eventually make their way to Nibus city where they are informed that the source of the robots is a rogue A.I program named Dathox that has built itself a planet and has started to terrorize the galaxy, and they are the only ones able to stop it. The team agrees to put a stop to this evil and save the galaxy. They then travel back to their ship and head towards the planet of the rogue A.I planet Mech, stopping at multiple planets to destroy robots, and obtaining new weaponry along the way. Once they arrive in orbit they prepare and head out onto the metallic planet's surface. Once there the team is met with a large army of robots, which they destroy. The team gradually fights their way to the planet's core where they come face with Dathox himself. The team is eventually victorious and Dathox falls, but not without first activating the planet's self destruct system. The team miraculously makes it out alive and return to their ship just seconds away from the planet's explosion. Unfortunately Dathox made it out and Flash has to fly through the debris and take down Dathox once and for all. After the battle Flash returns to the ship. They eventually make it back to planet Dred where they are declared galactic heroes.
Delta cruiser

The story in a shellnut:

Evil robots come, get weapons, destroy evil robots,find planet of evil robots, fight boss, planet goes boom, you win, the end.


P.C: Arrow keys=Move, A=Jump / strafe right & left / back flip, S=shoot left weapon, D=shoot right weapon, E=open weapon selection menu, W=fly, ENTER=pause game.